WIP day

I’m sick, so you don’t get any ~content~ today. We’re just gonna do a quick WIP roundup. What all has the Seafarer been doing, before they were tragically brought low by the common cold? (Physics studying. Soooo much physics.)

I cast on my Doodler and have been working on it on and off as you do, which has been absolutely delightful. Painted Desert’s yarns aren’t strictly speaking gradient yarns, I wouldn’t say, but the subtle color changes are lovely. Also, despite the fact I had extra yardage, my slightly-too-big needles mean that I’m now playing yarn chicken with my last wedge.

could get the right size needle and frog the whole thing and give it another try, since there is actually no point where the red yarn was broken, but…I don’t want to. I like the fabric I got with these needles. If I actually lose yarn chicken, I might do it, because it wouldn’t be a hardship to knit it again, and Painted Desert is expensive yarn to buy a whole new skein to work just a bit of the edge, but until then, I knit on.

Here’s a close-up. I love this pattern.

The infinity scarf I’m making for my sister. I’m almost done with this, I just need to sit down with it for a few hours. (Probably Tuesday. Being as everything is lecture that day.) Note the purple cast-on: I’m gonna unpick it when I’m done and graft the two ends together for a seamless finish.

Aaaand some actual crochet. I’m prototyping again. What is this? You’ll just have to wait until June to find out.

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