…or rather, cakes.

I have nowhere left to sit.

I took my ballwinder and went to town on my stash. This isn’t all of it; I still have to sort through the smaller balls and decide which ones are too small and would just collapse upon removal from the winder, and which ones are worth having as cakes. I also have a couple skeins of the ribbony novelty yarn Red Heart Boutique Sashay, which is weird enough that I’m not sure I want to entrust it to the ball-winder. They’re also still in skein form, so they’re not quite as uncooperative as balls, so…I guess they can stay.

That’s 1 out of 3 January resolutions finished, and the other two are looking…somewhat less than promising. WIPs seem to keep appearing out of thin air. Some of them I just forgot I had, and some of them sort of…leaped onto the hook.

Teeny tiny flapjack octopus

Like this tiny Opisthoteuthis sp. octopus. It just kind of happened.

Also! I went to the aquarium! This is noteworthy because a while ago I talked about my favorite aquarium resident, Pirate the yellow-eyed rockfish, and everyone I talked to subsequently was like “I’ve never seen that rockfish in my life.” This means I have to show you pictures of Pirate, because I love him.

This bit’s his good side. Remember, Pirate contracted pop-eye at some point in his life, leading the aquarium to have to remove his left eye to prevent the infection from spreading. Don’t mind the glare; there’s a lot of lights around this tank and it’s quite difficult to get a good picture.

And here’s his bad eye. (And a photobombing Chinook salmon in the bottom.) It hasn’t slowed him down at all. Of course, rockfish are venomous and pretty excessively spiny, so assuming that he survived the infection in the wild, he still would probably have been fine. Not too many things would choose to tussle with a rockfish of his size (about 18-24 inches, a length it takes decades for a rockfish to attain).

I leave you guys with a belly shot. Look at those lovely gills and the thick muscles where his fins attach. What a beautiful creature. He was actually being pissy just then; you can see a dive cord behind him because the diver was close by, attempting to offer him food, which he snubbed.

Maybe I’ll ditch my tiger rockfish stripes colorwork, buy another skein of the lovely heathered Lion Brand Heartland Yellowstone, and make a yellow-eyed rockfish instead. It’d certainly be a lot less work…

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