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I recently went through and overhauled my favorites on Ravelry so I could properly find things when I wanted them, and it took enough effort that you all get to see exactly what I was doing. You can peek at my favorites here.

Ravelry has a couple different ways you can organize patterns: the Favorites and the Library. I like to think of Favorites as patterns I like but may or may not own, and the Library as a record of patterns I’ve bought. In practice, I just use the Library to re-download things as I need to, and the Favorites as an amalgamation of to-make and inspiration.

Within the Favorites, you have your bundles and your tags. I use my bundles to put together patterns of similar types and my tags to mark attributes I might find useful later–like drawers in a file cabinet and folders within those drawers.

I try to keep my tags simple and fairly self-explanatory. I tag the method (knit, crochet, tunisian), and then the attributes (colorwork, cables, beads, lace). Then I have some tags which are more for me: “water” is ocean- and marine-themed patterns, “fandom” is patterns based off of existing franchises (this one is mostly Pokemon right now), and “rainbow” is simultaneously patterns with rainbows and LGBT-themed patterns. Some of my tags are a little more cryptic: “construction” is for patterns whose construction I found to be clever in some way, and “colors” is patterns which allow you to play with color combinations, whereas “colorwork” is actual stranded work.

Basically, my tags break down into techniques, personal interests, and themes. When creating your own tag system, think about what parts of a pattern are going to draw you back to it, and use those as your tags.

My bundles are way more broad. I have 17 right now, and add more whenever I find new categories worth keeping.

I have Wishlist, Amigurumi (Crochet), Amigurumi (Knit), Baby Blankets, Bags, Books & Bundles, Children’s Clothing, Doilies, Doll Clothes, Gloves, Hats, misc., Ocean Apparel, Projects, Shawls/Wraps/Scarves, Socks, and Tops. All self-explanatory, except perhaps for Projects, which is for projects by other Ravelers which I found to be inspirational in some way.

Some of them I don’t really need anymore: now that I have the “water” tag, I don’t think I need the Ocean Apparel bundle; “water” has some amigurumi and non-wearables in it, but they overlap so significantly that I might delete the bundle. Also, given that I sort of consider my entire favorites list a sort of “wishlist”, I might also not need the Wishlist bundle. It’s an evolving system.

If you haven’t organized your favorites, but would like to, one feature I found really helpful was the “not bundled” and “not tagged” sections under “Top Tags”. I could just click on those to find the favorites that hadn’t yet been organized, and go through them that way. It made everything a lot simpler. If you’ve already organized everything to your liking, how did you do it? What’s your system?

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  1. Hi! Great post! I’ve been promising myself for the past year that I was going to get my Ravelry organized. I mean, I already have all of my favorites bundled but have not truly made good use of the tagging system. One reason is that I have so many favorites (over 6,700 since I’ve joined!) that to go back and tag them all would take me forever. I favorite all the patterns and ideas that I like so that when I’m searching for a particular type of pattern, I can just search through my own favorites instead of the regular Ravelry search knowing that I most likely have already saved that particular ‘type’ of pattern without having to go through all the ones that I don’t really want to use that I’ve already looked at. And then once a week, I’ll go through the regular Ravelry search and look at the new patterns that have been posted. But I would still like to somehow make it easier to just pop in a couple tags and narrow my personal favorites search down instead of going through pages of bundles.

    At the beginning of last year, I started using my Queue more often. At first my intentions were to just queue ‘only’ the patterns that I definitely ‘planned’ on making that year but unfortunately, I ended up queueing and queueing and queueing some more because I wanted to make EVERYTHING!!!! LOL

    So now, I have the problem of having 595 queued projects! Oh, I’m very good about keeping them organized (I have 44 ‘files’ and some extra tags to keep them sorted) but still…. 595? I really need (and very much ‘want’) to take it back to how I originally meant to use it. And there is no possible way that I can make all 595 projects this year no matter how badly I would like to! 😀

    If I had done it correctly and ‘favorited’ the item prior to queueing it, it wouldn’t be much of an issue because I could just go in and delete everything in my queue and start it from scratch but unfortunately, I took shortcuts and just started putting ‘some’ things in my queue without first putting them in my favorites. So now I have to go through each of them to make sure they are properly bundled in my favorites before deleting them.

    And then to tackle the 87 bundles with my +6,000 favorites to add tags to them…. hmmmmm……….

    So my ‘true’ and ‘planned’ system is to use:
    **Favorites for patterns that I like through searching, projects others have made that I find inspiration from those patterns, yarns I would like to buy, notes, stitches & ideas, etc…

    **Queue for patterns that I definitely plan on making this year or that others have requested that I make.

    **Library for patterns that I love and know I will use one day but don’t have a plan for as of yet and patterns that I have purchased.

    Ravelry is such an awesome site. I don’t know how I ever lived without it! It’s the ONLY site that I make sure to pull up first thing every morning.

    If you want to see my discombobulation of all the beautiful things not yet organized, I’m at Maybe you can offer me an idea or two that could help with my addiction to ‘Favoriting’ and ‘Queueing’! 🙂

    Have a great Thursday! ~Tami

  2. One thing that I did want to add is that I was reading earlier on Reddit and one Ravelry user stated to look at the bundles and tags when saving and/or organizing like this: to put the items in bundles much like you would a filing cabinet and the tags would be the individual files in that cabinet. Made sense to me and I thought that it may help someone else so I wanted to share the thought.

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