Confession: I’ve never seen a real live person wearing shawls just out and about–lots of infinity scarves and some blanket scarves, but no Real Actual Shawls. Which made the overabundance of shawls on Ravelry somewhat baffling. Were people just making them because they’re fun to make? Were any of these shawls actually getting worn? What did you do with shawls?

Turns out: they’re better than scarves at keeping your face warm.

This is just a worsted-weight Reyna in Caron Wintuk Ombre (a now discontinued yarn). It’s not very soft and I didn’t have that much yarn so it’s a little small too.  But it is the only thing between my delicate nose and a great deal of physical discomfort, so I love it.

This brings me to a resolution I forgot to put in the last post: this is the year I’m making The Doodler. I have wanted to make a Doodler since the first WIP pictures from the 2015 West Knits Mystery KAL came out, but I always told myself “You don’t even wear shawls” and put it off. Then a few months ago I said, “You’ve been staring at this thing for a year and a half, just admit something about it makes you feel squishy inside and knit it for that reason alone” and bought the pattern.

Now that I’ve found out I do actually like to wear shawls, or at least one shawl, my resolve is only strengthened.

Here are the yarns I’ve picked: one mystery yellow/green skein that I think is Painted Desert but might not be, and two verified Painted Desert skeins. They look kind of weird just sitting here together, but I have confidence that they’re going to work up really nicely together. And if they still look weird? It’s all part of the Stephen West aesthetic.

Now I just need to finish up my scholarship applications so I have some spare time to get those short rows figured out.

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