resolutions? goals?

Well, it’s 2017. That means it’s time for New Year resolutions. (Yes, it is the eighth of January. In my defense, I spent the first moving back into my dorm, and the subsequent week busy with school.)

In my mind, the concept of “resolutions” feels very…vague. I prefer the term “goals”. For me, resolutions are things like “Become a better person in 2017”, whereas that as a goal might be “Volunteer 100 hours at the local soup kitchen”. This may be why I have never really made resolutions before. I sort of have–“Work hard at school” and “Write lots this year”–but I don’t remember any of them really coming to fruition in a measurable way. So this year I probably won’t make any resolutions either. I’ll have goals instead. That way on December 31st I can look back and say “Yes, that actually happened this year. Good for you, self.”

(The actual difference between a resolution & a goal, as told to me by Google, is that a resolution is a decision to do something and a goal is the object of that decision. Which is to say, they are exactly the same thing, barring some grammatical finagling. Whatever. I’m choosing to call mine goals in spite of the dictionary.)

So here are some yarny New Year’s goals of mine.

Year goals:

  • Write on this blog regularly. At least once a week. Maybe more often sometimes, that would be nice.
    • My issue is that I always think I should have something Important to say. Truthfully, almost nothing I say, especially here, is Important. One doesn’t always have something Important to say, and that is okay. The Unimportant things are fine to talk about too.
  • Finish that damn rockfish. No ifs ands or buts. No “well here’s a prototype but–“. Finished. Written up. Tested. Published on Ravelry.
    • Resist the urge to charge 900 dollars per copy of the pattern. Just because you spent ages confusedly wrangling colorwork and then even longer being intimidated by your own indecipherable notes does not mean it is worth diamonds. It means you are a doofus, and should be smarter about your pattern writing next time.
  • Make the Blog a custom layout. It deserves it, and it needs some room for some expansion thoughts I have. We’ll see how these pan out. At the moment, designing and writing more regularly are highest priority here.

January goals:

  • Empty out the WIP basket. I will frog with abandon if I must, but I spend 6.5 hours in class every Tuesday this quarter, and a lot of knitting can get done while listening to 6.5 hours of lecture.
    • I know you read this blog, Mom. Don’t worry, I can participate and knit at the same time. All the current WIPs are fairly simple at the moment anyways. Except for that damn rockfish. But he’s not coming to class.
  • Test & write up the sculpin pattern I have lying around. This pattern is already written and significantly more functional than the rockfish, so it shouldn’t be a ton of trouble to put it together.
  • Wind all the weird skeins lying around my stash with my brand new ball winder. JoAnn had an after-Christmas yarn sale. The stash is overflowing. The yarn is spilling out. Cakes at least are stackable.

There. Now it’s in writing, I have to do it, right?

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