it’s finals week

I would just like to say, if I started a knitting blog (other than this one, which is technically not a supposed to be a knitting blog but a multi-craft-related design blog) I would probably name it after knitting stitches. They’re really catchy. For example:

Slip Slip Knit (a blog about a somewhat frazzled but dedicated knitter who often encounters “slips” or issues in their life, but holds it together with their knitting.)

Through Back Loop (an avant-garde artist on the fringe of society writes about radical use of crafting, including yarnbombing and “craftivism”.)

Moss Stitch (a knitter with a fondness for their local flora, especially their parks and forests. Alternatively, Seed Stitch, by a gardener who loves to cook with their own crops and knits things with a distinctly homey aesthetic.)

Knit Two Together (couples’ blog about their shared love of crafting–wait, actually, that’s just Boys and Bunting, a site by a lovely couple who enjoy sewing, knitting, and crocheting together. I would still name my couples’ blog Knit Two Together though.)

4-Stitch Cable (a knitter who also likes to rappel! A knitter who likes making fishing nets and string (sometimes called cables)! A knitter with Celtic heritage or other cable-rich heritage!)

Of course, me, I’m the Seafarer’s Yarn, a simple marine biology student with a fondness for yarns of the fiber and story kind both. I’m content with that.

School is kicking my butt at the minute, but I took the time to test a quick pattern for someone on Ravelry: a hat masquerading as a pineapple. I made it out of a bunch of acrylics I had lying around, including some brown RHSS, some Loops & Threads Impeccable in green, and a yellow that I got at a rotary auction.


The yellow is that kind of yarn you can tell is vintage just by looking at it; a peculiar kind of scratchiness and muted color that acrylic nowadays tries to avoid. The ball band was lost years ago. I love it.

Also, food-related hats are very seasonally appropriate. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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