It’s been two weeks, I know. I have excuses, like that I’ve been busy with the quarter barreling full-speed ahead, or that I’ve been in a weird mental place for the past couple weeks, but really I think I just felt bad about not doing anything of note in the fiber art ways.

Mostly, I’ve just been stashbusting. My yarn hangs in one of those fabric organizers in my closet, and directly below is my laundry basket. I’ve been finding yarn balls in my laundry every time I try to wash my clothes, because they keep falling down. This inevitably leads me to the conclusion: I have too much yarn. Time to use some of it up.

I started with a market bag.


This I did mostly freeform with a couple of colors of Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids, using a stitch pattern I cribbed from the Diamond Lattice Scarf pattern I bought a while back. I haven’t gotten around to making an actual scarf out of the pattern yet, but I’m calling it a purchase well made. I keep my apples in the bag and use it for grocery shopping sometimes. I only need to feed me, it’s plenty big.


I made this doorknob hanger decoration thing from Pumpkin Bracelet, which recommends crochet cotton and four pumpkins to make a bracelet-sized thing. I went with worsted scraps and some thread to outline the pumpkins and made my room a little more festive.


Then, against my better judgment because it’s still October, not Christmas, I started on a tiny Stranded Christmas Stocking (3mm needles instead of the recommended 4mm). My mom asked for Christmas decorations. I probably won’t give this one to her, because it’s tiny and while I’ll finish it, I’m not making four more stranded stockings on 3mm needles for the family. I’ll think of something else for Christmas. Plenty of time, right? Right?


Finally: a baby blanket. I have a Sugar & Cream ball in waiting and 1 and a half balls of Lion Cotton knitted up. This is just a 3×3 garter rib, which didn’t come out well at all in the photo because it’s black. I know black isn’t necessarily the most traditional of baby blanket colors, but I’m pretending it’s modern and trendy, because when you stashbust, you work with what you got. Also, black doesn’t show stains. I know this because I cut my finger and got blood on this blanket, and you can’t see it. Perfect for the harried parent and their filthy spawn. (It’s getting washed before any babies get anywhere near it, don’t worry.)

As an aside, you may wonder if I am knitting a baby blanket because I know someone who’s having a baby. The answer is no. I don’t even know anyone who’s pregnant. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from knitting blogs, it’s that you don’t start knitting when a baby is announced. You keep a stash of baby items in reserve, or you end up frantically binding off and trying to wash a blanket on your way to the hospital.

Unless you’re a deadline-driven masochist, in which case don’t start knitting anything for babies until like, two months after the mum tells you she’s going to have one.

As for the rockfish project? What I’m supposed to be working on? Well…


2 thoughts on “stashbusting

  1. It would be okay to give your mom the mini stocking as a Christmas decoration to hang on a door knob or on the tree (depending on how small it is). I know she would really like it.
    P.S. The comic is adorable

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