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Last week I missed my deadline for a number of reasons, which I decline to state, and this week isn’t really that much better. I moved into a new dorm, and the week-long event to welcome freshmen has started, and the first part of it I attended was a behind-the-scenes tour of the Seattle Aquarium.

Have I told everyone here how much I love rockfish? I love rockfish. I love the lazy way they swim, barely moving their fins. They’re built thick and heavy with fins barbed with spines. They don’t need to be fast; they’re tough enough to ward off most predators just by existing. I love the way they will sit on anything; rocks, walls, corals, whatever will sit still long enough for them. I love the way their only response to something that surprises them is to slowly raise their dorsal fin.

I especially love the Pirate, who lives in the big exhibit just inside the door of the Seattle Aquarium. He’s a forty-year-old yellow-eyed rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) who’s hit 18-20-some inches, and his name is the Pirate because a while back he had a run-in with a bacterial infection known as pop-eye or bubble-eye. Pop-eye causes a fish’s eye to swell up to painful-looking proportions; the Pirate had to have his removed so the infection wouldn’t spread. It hasn’t bothered him a bit. He might even outlive me; some yellow-eyed rockfish have been identified as 120 years or older.

I have pictures, but my dorm is from the 1930s and wi-fi didn’t exist back then (or now, apparently), so I can’t transfer them to post. Similarly, I have become stymied in my yarn rockfish adventures by the fact that I am a truly awful colorwork writer, and I need to print out the pattern so I can write all over it. However, the aforementioned wi-fi problem has screwed with my wireless printer, so that’s not happening any time soon either. Solutions must be found. When I have more energy.

Until then, readers.

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