Acorn Street Shop

Well, Sunday I moved into the University of Washington dorms, and Monday I decided to take advantage of the free day before class started. I Googled Seattle yarn shops, found the closest one, and made the trek to 55th Street to find Acorn Street Shop. (There were a few more stops inbetween, involving getting incredibly lost and circling the dorm for about 45 minutes and a long conversation with a librarian, but I got there, readers, I got there.) It’s about two miles there and back from my dorm, so not a short walk, but a very beautiful one that, after the steep curve that is Pend Oreille Road, is mostly flat.


Acorn Street Shop is an absolutely lovely place with friendly staff who are willing to let you fondle, try on, and explore to your heart’s content. They have a fantastic selection of yarn from bulky to fingering (unlike some local yarn stores I have gone to which eschew bulky altogether…for some reason), and a plethora of beautiful patterns. I purchased one myself, called Diamond Lattice Scarf, by Aixa Heller. I have a ton of scarves, and I don’t particularly have the wardrobe to match this one, but it’s such a great stitch pattern that I couldn’t resist. I have a few ideas for personal pattern modifications that’ll make this one fantastic for me.

As an aside, while I was there, a UPS man came in to deliver a box of yarn. Once he left, one of the staff mentioned to her coworker a joke about how she batted for the other team usually, but an exception could be made for him. I happen to bat for both teams, so I am always happy to find a place where I feel cozy not just as a crocheter but as an LGBT individual.


I also got this fun trinket, which helps you keep track of rows! The beads slide easily up and down the cord but not so easily they go all over the place and mess up your count. These are by Jodi Herb. I’d link you to her website, but unfortunately, it seems to be down right now. You’ll just have to come to Seattle if you want to get your own. Acorn Street Shop is on 2818 NE 55th Street!

Then, since I had a little time, I crossed the street to a shop called Queen Mary’s Tea Emporium. And I found a Little Free Library shaped like a phone box!


I love these things. Back at home they mostly look like little houses, so this one charmed me to death. No books I was interested in, but there was a call for people to add more, so maybe if I acquire any books I don’t need during my college years I’ll pop back and add some.


The tea shop itself was fantastic; just as gaudy as you’d expect from a shop called Queen Mary, with 80-some varieties of tea that they mix on site and a great many teapots ranging from fancy to adorable. I was especially taken by a strawberry peach rooibos blend they had, but I let it go for now. When I’m moved into my permanent dorm, Hansee Hall, for the fall quarter, I’ll have more room for tea things, and I will come back for that rooibos.


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