Pyukumuku: Free Crochet Pattern

Pyukumuku: Free Crochet Pattern

I’m pretty sure the newest Pokémon game (coming out November 18th!) was made for me. Pokémon Sun and Moon is set in a region based off of Hawaii, and is filled to the brim with new and incredible aquatic Pokémon. This cutie, Pyukumuku, is the Sea Cucumber Pokémon! Its name is apparently a combination of “puke”, “mucus”, and “cuke”, which I find utterly charming. Since no pattern for Pyukumuku seems to exist yet, I made one myself. Since this pattern doesn’t make use of safety eyes, it’s great for even the littlest Pokémon trainer.

Partial skein (60-70 yards) of black worsted weight yarn
Scraps (20-30 yards) each of white and pink worsted weight yarn
5mm/H crochet hook
Tapestry needle
White embroidery thread
Fiberfill or stuffing of your choice
Stitch marker

Body (make 1 in black)
If you are having difficulty with the beginning of the body, refer to Mohumohu’s oval tutorial here. The bobble stitch I used is based off of this one, but I only use three partial double crochets (4 loops on hook total) for a smaller eye.
1. ch 4, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next ch, 3sc in last ch. Rotate foundation chain to work in back loops. Sc in next ch, 2 sc in last ch sp. (8)
2. Inc, sc, inc 3, sc, inc 2. (14)
3. inc, sc 2, (inc, sc)x3, sc, (inc, sc)x2 (20)
4. inc, sc 3, (inc, sc 2)x3, sc, (inc, sc 2)x2 (26)
5. inc, sc 4, (inc, sc 3)x3, sc, (inc, sc 3)x2 (32)
6. sc 11, bs in pink, sc 16 in black, bs in pink, sc 3 in black. (32)
7-18. sc around (32)
Stuff firmly. Continue to add stuffing as you decrease.
19. dec, sc 4, (dec, sc 3)x3, sc, (dec, sc 3)x2 (26)
20. dec, sc 3, (dec, sc 2)x3, sc, (dec, sc 2)x2 (20)
21. dec, sc 2, (dec, sc)x3, sc, (dec, sc)x2 (14)
22. dec, sc, dec 3, sc, dec 2 (8)
23. dec 4 (4)
Finish off. Thread yarn through remaining stitches and pull shut.


“Tail”* (make 3 in white)
1. MR 6
2. inc around (12)
3. sc around (12)
4. dec around, slst (6)
Tuck starting end in, stuff firmly, and finish off.

Small Spikes (make 4 in pink)
1. MR 4
2. inc around (8)
3. sc around (8)
4. sc around, sl st (8)
Finish off, stuff firmly.

Large Spikes (make 2 in pink)
1. MR 4
2. inc around (8)
3-4. sc around (8)
5. (inc, sc)x4 (12)
6. sc around, slst (12)
Finish off, stuff firmly.

Embroider Pyukumuku’s “mouth” between its eyes with your white yarn or embroidery thread. Sew the white bits on the other end. Sew the spikes on Pyukumuku’s back as the pictures show, angling them to your liking. Congratulations! Wild Pyukumuku was caught!


Fascinatingly, Pyukumuku’s ability is Innards Out, where it ejects white, sticky strands to deal damage to the enemy. Real sea cucumbers grow these strands at the base of their respiratory system, near the anus (which is the organ through which sea cucumbers absorb oxygen), and when threatened eject them from the anus to distract or entangle the predator. New tubules grow back within a few weeks. So yes: Pyukumuku’s face is actually an anus.  As for the fluffy “tails”?

*They are likely feeding tentacles, which are fluffy, (usually) white appendages that the cucumber uses to scrape up algae and other tasty morsels from the sea floor. I love it when Pokémon takes inspiration from real-world biology.

If you have any questions about the pattern, feel free to contact me by commenting or emailing me at

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