College quilt!

I’m moving in to my dorm this Sunday (but there will still be a Sunday post, because of the magic of WordPress queueing) and my mum just finished what will be the crowning glory of the room. Last year she said she’d make me a quilt for college, so I designed a goldfish design made up of hexagon motifs, we picked out fabric together, and a year later, here we are. I know this is a yarn blog, but yarn people are well-able to appreciate other textile arts.


I had to stand on the kitchen counter to get this picture.

The goldfish is based off of butterfly-tail goldfish. My favorite breed is actually the ranchu, because they are precious egg fish, but butterfly tails are so striking from above that I had to choose them.

Closeup of some of the different fabrics used here:


I wish you could really see the detail of my mother’s quilting; the water is done in waves, the ripples have bubbles in them, the leaves have veins, the fish has diamond scales… but my phone camera is only decent, not magical.

I’m so happy. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Now off to pack the rest of my things for college…

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