Tiny things

I’ve been on a bit of a tiny thing kick. I can’t help it, they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

poliwag1 tinybun1

The first one is a Pokémon. Its name is Poliwag, a bastardization of “pollywog”, since the Pokémon itself is conceptually based off of Costa Rican glass frog tadpoles (sixth on this marvelous list of transparent animals; warning for visuals of internal organs, since despite all of these animals being alive and well, you can see right through them). The pattern is from Ravelry right here. I used cotton thread and a 2mm hook to make him tiny and adorable.

The second is Rachel Carroll’s Dutch Rabbit, done with sock yarn and 2.25mm needles with seed bead eyes. Quarter for size reference! The breed features some of the most aesthetically pleasing rabbits out there, in my opinion.

This is just a quick post. I’ve been swatching for my Velociraptor, trying to work out the most difficult parts: the wings. Next week we’re going to have a saunter through the dinosaur wing, including why a flightless hunter like Velociraptor would have had wings or feathers at all, and how I intend to represent them in crochet.

One more pic of the bunny for luck.


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