I published a pattern

I published a pattern

Dear readers, my deepest apologies for missing two Sundays in a row. It turns out getting your wisdom teeth out and then having family in from out of state is an excellent way to get everything derailed.

Things that have happened in my absence:

1: My little sister won second place for her age group at the state-level golf championship! Everyone is extremely proud of her. Next year she’ll do even better.

2: I popped into the knitting group at the local yarn shop and had a go at swatching for Hexagons in Zitron Pro Natura. These will be my first ever socks. I was informed that this was extremely ambitious of me, but the actual techniques used for the socks (knit, purl, ssk, k2tog, use of dpns, picking stitches up) are all things I’ve done before. I’m making them for my mother for Christmas, since she’s a quilter who works entirely with hexagon motifs. They’re sort of her signature. I also frogged a couple of knit projects that were not going anywhere.

However, I am sick up to the neck of knitting at the moment, and have put socks and other knitting notions away for the moment. Sometimes I need a good knit as a break, but crochet is my one true love, which I was reminded of when I picked up a 2mm and some cotton thread to have a go at crochet lace. The hook just feels right in my hand the way needles don’t. Still:

3. Doing any crocheting on my planned Velociraptor will have to wait for a bit; I intended to get more done on it before things got so busy, but that didn’t happen. First I was stuck in bed and then Sister’s championship and family happened, and now I have two weeks before I move into my college dorm, so things must be squared away before I do any more serious designing.

4. After making a doily for a palate cleanser, I started work on an older pattern: a semi-realistic Triceratops I designed for a friend who was having twins. The crochet has been finished for a while. I just needed to photograph it and finish the PDF files, but now it is done! It is done! You can find it here on Ravelry. There are more pictures on my project page here, as I don’t like to picspam.IMG_20150825_191046063_TOP
This is my first published pattern. My family and I are going to have a celebratory dinner, and then it’s right back to working on more patterns and more designs (and hopefully ironing out the legalities of getting licensed as an official business). The future is so exciting.

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