Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Seafarer’s Yarn blog. My name is Quillen, and in the interest of sparing my family excessive amounts of talk about wool and blocking and double crochets and all that yarn nonsense, I have instead decided to inflict such things upon the internet. Ravelry has reliably informed me that other crocheters and knitters are usually significantly more interested in listening to this sort of thing than one’s non-crafty family.

Some facts about me to start off:

1. I consider myself a crocheter and a toymaker, but occasionally I cheat on both my hooks and my toys with some fingering weight and a pair of needles. I can’t help it. I need variety in my life. I’m fairly equal-opportunity with my knit and crochet, but I am so, so bad at gauge and only engage in projects that absolutely require it if forced.

2. I like to make toys of animals, and particularly animals that no one else really cares to pay much attention to. In conservation biology, they talk about “charismatic megafauna”. That refers to the animal that goes on the zoo posters and looks charming so people will throw money at the zoo to save the pandas and the tigers. Crochet and knit toy makers are all absolutely taken with these kinds of animals (giraffes, monkeys, bears, ad infinitum), so as much as I too find the charismatic megafauna charming, I seek to branch out in the animal kingdom a little more when making toys.

3. I study Aquatic and Fisheries Science at the University of Washington! You can count on me to live up to the seafaring part of this blog’s name.

4. Unlike other yarn people, I sadly am catless. I keep fish. They are not as cuddly or adoring of me, the food-bearer, but they are less prone to sit on my yarn when I’m trying to block things.

There you go, reader. Welcome to the blog.

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